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Exaco Janssens EOS Royal Antique Victorian greenhouse 13 x 13 ft

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Exaco Janssens EOS Royal Antique Victorian greenhouse

EOS Royal Antique Victorian greenhouse has a "T-shaped" design with an entry peak slightly lower than the main room. The roof has a dramatic 38º angle. It comes with narrow 4mm tempered glass panels. 12'10" D x 13'2" W x 9'8" H with 6' side walls.

The EOS Royal Antique Victorian greenhouse is a dramatic addition to our selection with a steeper 38º roof slope. The floorplan maintains the unique T-shape, but narrow 4mm tempered glass panes (14" wide) add to the antique appearance. In addition, the design features a new low door threshold for easy entry! The greenhouse kit includes 4 roof windows with automatic openers, 2 louver vents & double hinged full-length glass doors.



    • Overall Size Assembled: 12'10" D x 13'2' L/W x 9'8" H at peak with 6' shoulders
    • Overall Weight Assembled:   approx 1600 lbs
    • Overall Shipping Size:   2 pallets & 3 long boxes
    • Overall Shipping Weight:   1995 lbs


    • Durable white finish/aluminum framing
    • 38° roof angle
    • Available for regular ground foundation or to be placed on a wall foundation
    • Double hinged full-length glass doors
    • Four roof windows with automatic openers
    • Two louver vents
    • 4mm tempered glass panes
    • Unique T-shaped floorplan
    • 169 sq feet

    Available in Two Different Foundation Configurations


    EOS - Regular in White is 12'10" D x 13'2' L/W x 9'8" H at peak with 6' shoulders, 169 sq feet. It is designed to be built directly on the ground or concrete pad. (#EOS-Regular-W)

    Stem Wall

    EOS - Wall in White is specially designed to sit on a 15.75" H wall (customer builds their wall). It has slightly shorter side walls, and the door drops below the frame to accommodate the wall. (#EOS-Wall-W)

    Can I Use My Greenhouse as an Additional Living Space?

    • These structures are designed to be a greenhouse first and foremost. As packaged, the greenhouse is not designed to be water/air tight. Greenhouse plants do benefit from a turn of air. You may need to do some extra sealing with silicone on the roof around the glass to achieve watertightness.
    • The glass is single pane, so there is a good chance for condensation on the inside that might drip. We recommend any furniture be indoor/outdoor and that fine wood furniture/electronics be avoided or sufficiently protected.
    • The roof windows do have auto openers, so there is always a chance with a summer rainstorm (with the temp above 70) that the windows could be open and it could rain in. You can switch to all manual openers if preferred.
    • On sunny days, glass greenhouses can get warm very quickly. Depending on your climate, you will likely be fighting the heat in the summer (late spring/early fall).
    • It has been done, but you will need to make customized adjustments such as extra sealing, climate control, window tinting and heating.
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    If you are planning to apply for a state permit for your greenhouse, we recommend applying prior to ordering. Thank you.

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