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Best High Tunnel Greenhouse Kits In The Market

Also called high hoops or hoop houses, high tunnels are plant-growing structures that extend the planting season. They are also popularly referred to as cold frame greenhouses since they do not need heaters, fans, or other climate-controlling equipment to function.

High tunnel greenhouse kits allow home growers to secure a more significant market window, enter the market sooner than field growers, and cultivate crops into the fall and winter months. Produce can be marketed at a high price whenever local field-grown harvests are unavailable.

These kits are also efficient. Insects and pests are less common because of the sheltered environment. It also makes the atmosphere less favorable to disease, lowering the likelihood of outbreaks. As a result, high tunnel greenhouse growers can reduce their consumption of pesticides and other chemicals.
If you think that this greenhouse kit fits your needs, browse the list below and buy the best in the industry!

Best High Tunnel Greenhouse Kits In The Market


Solexx Gardener's Oasis Greenhouse Deluxe

Solexx Gardener's Oasis Greenhouse Deluxe 8'W x 24'L x 8'H
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The Solexx Gardener's Oasis greenhouse is the type of refuge that every budding green finger deserves!

Boasting a maximum growing area with two double-tiered, built-in bench frames granting you over 76-square feet of bench area in the 8-feet high component for full days of year-round gardening delight.

Every Gardener's Oasis high tunnel greenhouse kit has a huge louvered air vent with innovative twin-walled 3.5mm Solexx paneling, which you may upgrade to 5mm for high altitude or heavy snow locations. And the Oasis, like all other Solexx kits, is expandable, so you can quickly expand it later if you outgrow it.

It is resistant to rust, corrosion, and mildew. The package includes a more robust lockable door, two full-length hanging rods that can support up to 200lbs, a built-in base, a big easy-flow louver air vent, steel fittings with effortless assembly, and a ten-year UV warranty. Deluxe greenhouses also feature a solar louver opener, greenhouse base vents, a tie-down kit, and solid wire shelves that suit the bench frames. And, lest we forget, it offers free shipping to all 48 states!


RIGA Greenhouse 4

RIGA Greenhouses 4 (135 sq.ft.)
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The Riga Greenhouse 4 is designed and built in Germany and features heavy-duty construction and first-rate insulation.

This high tunnel greenhouse kit comprises a sturdy Dutch barn door with keyed lock, an oversized 30-inch wide and 42-inch high rear wall window with an adjustable arm, and a roof window with an automatic window opener. For added strength, it includes an 8mm UV-coated twin-wall polycarbonate over the main body and a 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate in the front and back walls.

Assembly only takes two people for one full day of installation, including the shelves. Also, Riga greenhouses come with a ten-year warranty on the polycarbonate walls and a 15-year warranty on the frames.


Solexx Harvester Greenhouse

Solexx Harvester Greenhouse
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The Harvester Greenhouse is built to fit the side of your home, garage, patio, or wherever you can think of!

This greenhouse kit is designed for all-year operation, whether you grow spring flowers, summer veggies, or preserving plants for the cold season.

It contains built-in double-tiered and single-tiered bench frames that can support 500lbs and two full-length hanging rods that can hold 200lbs, allowing you to maximize and personalize the area. The eight-foot-high greenhouse also has a bench area of 60 square feet and a sturdy composite frame that is rust, corrosion, and mildew-free. Twin-wall 3.5mm Solexx greenhouse panels are easily upgradeable to 5mm for high-altitude snow environments.

This greenhouse kit, like the Oasis, features a durable lockable door with a stable foundation, a wide easy-flow louver air vent, and easily assembled steel fittings. A solar louver opener, base vents, a tie-down kit, and wire shelves for the bench frames are included with the Deluxe greenhouses. Buyers also enjoy free delivery in all 48 states!


RIGA XL 5 Greenhouse

RIGA XL 5 Greenhouse 14' x 16'5"
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Hoklartherm is a premier greenhouse manufacturer with 28 years of expertise who designed and manufactured the RIGA XL 5 Greenhouse in Germany.
This high tunnel greenhouse kit has more windows and doors than other greenhouse kits in its class. Also of excellent quality is the 16mm triple-wall polycarbonate glazing. The frame profiles are securely bonded and will not break free over time due to strong winds, a significant feature of RIGA XL's construction process.

A seed tray, bench shelf, and top shelf with strong diagonal support bracing that can handle 160 pounds are also available. Tall plants and even heavy-duty seed trays may be inserted with the removable twin-wall polycarbonate shelf inserts.

The RIGA XL Greenhouse is sleek and would fit perfectly in a luxury garden. Assembly requires only two persons for one full installation day, including the shelves, like the Riga Greenhouse 4. Riga greenhouses also come with a ten-year polycarbonate wall warranty and a 15-year frame warranty.