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Solexx Greenhouse Kits: An Absolute Must-Have

Solexx garden greenhouses are engineered to get the most out of your space.
The innovative composite frame is designed to provide years of service with little to no need for constant maintenance. The panels disperse light evenly for maximum plant development. And to make it the best option in the market, no foundation is required to utilize the greenhouse kit.

The spacious aisles allow you to stroll about your greenhouse structure comfortably, and the full-length benches will enable you to enjoy all of the available garden space.


Advantages of Owning Solexx Greenhouse Kits

In terms of insulation, light quality, and durability, Solexx greenhouse covering outperforms other alternatives. Year in and year out, save more with greener plants, reduced energy costs, and a greenhouse that can last a lifetime.


Increased Lifespan

Solexx provides a ten-year limited UV insurance with an even longer lifespan. It will not fade or yellow with time and will survive extreme weather conditions like snow, wind, and hail. It's also low-maintenance. The panels are widely accessible and easy to install if you ever need to replace the Solexx paneling.


Cost-Effective Insulation

Solexx ensures maximum insulation to keep the heat inside the structure while lowering your total heating expenditures. Therefore, customers save money on electricity as plants continue to flourish. Solexx also has one of the highest R factors on the market, which means it retains heat better than its competitors and saves you hundreds of dollars over conventional greenhouse covers.


Excellent Light Diffusion

Solexx greenhouse kits are white for a reason. It carries an even diffuse light shown to fast track photosynthetic activity by 25%. The light spreads evenly around the greenhouse, receiving more light all-around the space to promote more intensive production.


Must-Have Solexx Greenhouse Kits

In 1986, Adaptive Plastics Inc., the maker of Solexx greenhouses and greenhouse covers, was introduced to corrugated polyethylene plastic for the first time and began producing insulated twin-walled fruit-harvesting bags for gardeners.

The founders got the idea to develop a greenhouse kit after experimenting with corrugated plastic as a house covering and witnessing how well tomato plants flourished under the material. The Solexx Greenhouse was born from their desire to create an affordable, resilient, and functional greenhouse that would be simple to operate for all home gardeners.

Here are three Solexx Greenhouse Kits to kickstart your gardening:


Early Bloomer 8' x 8' x 6'3"


Early Bloomer 8'x8'x6'3"
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The Early Bloomer Greenhouse is a practical, low-cost greenhouse starting kit. Because of its 6'3" height, it's an excellent hobby greenhouse that provides plenty of room to grow your tall plants or small trees.

It has a heavy-duty composite frame free from rust, corrosion and mildew; twin-wall 3.5mm Solexx greenhouse panels, which you may upgrade to 5mm for high altitude or heavy snow areas; easy to assemble steel fittings; and a new, more robust, and lockable door.

It can endure strong winds thanks to its sturdy base and the Solexx corrugated plastic greenhouse covering. A giant greenhouse vent system is incorporated to ensure that plants grown inside have proper ventilation. For even better energy efficiency, consider adding a solar-powered opener.

Moreover, since this lightweight greenhouse is portable, you can lay it over your backyard garden to get a strong foothold on planting seeds and enjoy a prolonged harvest in the next season. And to overwinter your favorite hanging plants, two easy-access hanging poles supporting up to 200lbs at a practical height traverse the whole length of the greenhouse.


Gardener's Oasis Greenhouse 8' x 24' x 8'


Solexx Gardener's Oasis Greenhouse 8'W x 24'L x 8'H
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The most popular greenhouse for a reason!
You'll have a maximum growing area with two double-tiered, built-in bench frames holding 500lbs that provide over 76-square-feet of bench area.

All Gardener's Oasis Greenhouse Kits come standard with a sizeable easy-flow louvered air vent covered with advanced double-walled 3.5mm Solexx greenhouse paneling, which you may upgrade up to 5mm for areas with high altitude or heavy snow.

Like all other Solexx kits, the Oasis is expandable, so if you outgrow your greenhouse, you can quickly expand it later. It also has a heavy-duty composite frame that is rust, corrosion, and mildew-free; a new, more robust lockable door; two full-length hanging rods that can hold up to 200lbs each; a sturdy, built-in base that requires no foundation; and easy-to-assemble steel fittings.

Owners enjoy sturdy wire shelves for deluxe Solexx greenhouse kits to fit the bench frames, a solar louver opener, and greenhouse base vents.


Conservatory Greenhouse 16' x 16' x 9'6"


Solexx Conservatory Greenhouse 16'x16'x9'6"
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Conservatory Greenhouses are the largest and most spacious greenhouse kits available from Solexx.

Seedlings of giant plants and even small trees may be developed efficiently, thanks to the greenhouse's 9-feet and 6-inches height. Two single-tier side benches run the length of the exterior walls. A 5-feet-wide, double-tiered bench frame also stands in the middle of the greenhouse structure with plenty of cultivating capacity.

This kit also offers four full-length hanging rods that can hold up to 200lbs each; new and more robust lockable doors; a built-in base that requires no foundation; and a heavy-duty composite frame with rust, corrosion, and mildew resistance. It also comes with twin-wall 3.5mm Solexx greenhouse panels that you can upgrade to 5mm for high altitude or heavy snow areas, steel fittings with convenient assembly, and two sizeable easy-flow louver air vents with optional solar-powered openers.

The deluxe Conservatory Greenhouse has sturdy wire shelves to fit bench frames, a solar louver opener, greenhouse base vents, and a tiedown kit.


What Sets Solexx Greenhouse Kits Apart From Others?

Polyethylene is used in the specially designed Solexx greenhouse panels. The materials were created with a unique UV formulation for increased durability and insulation, lowering heating and cooling costs.

So, if you're still searching for a quality greenhouse, look no further!
With a limited UV warranty and free delivery in the contiguous 48 states, you can get the most out of Solexx greenhouse kits.