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The Finest Five: 8x12 Greenhouse Kits In The Market

It is crucial to have extra space when you appreciate planting and digging in the soil. Spending long hours on your knees may fade your enthusiasm, making you lose interest in growing your fruits and veggies at home.

Medium greenhouses allow you to cultivate a variety of fruits, vegetables, and flowers in a semi-professional environment. The typical medium greenhouse size is 8’×12’.

And, to give you a sense of whatever is hot in the market, we have put up a list of five 8x12 greenhouse kits for you!


Five Finest 8x12 Greenhouse Kits In The Market


Mont Greenhouse 8x12 in Black Finish: Mojave Greenhouse Edition


Mont Greenhouse 8x12 in Black Finish: Mojave Greenhouse Edition
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Mont Greenhouses will help you reach your gardening goals!

The Mont 8’x12’ Mojave Greenhouse Edition greenhouse is perfect for space-widening garden projects. It boasts an off-the-grid solar-powered ventilation system of 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate with high-intensity UV protection. It provides owners considerably more control over their growing environment while avoiding the fees and hassles associated with electricity.

Mont's Mojave edition greenhouse kits also include basic pre-tinted roof panels and automated roof vents, enriching your greenhouse by making it aesthetically nice and functional. It also has a built-in and integrated rainwater gutter system, which gives your greenhouse a self-supporting system for cultivating plants.

This greenhouse kit is guaranteed lead-free. And it's made of thicker, more brittle American metal, not the thinner, more brittle foreign aluminum.
Mont's manufacturers guarantee that your farming will remain protected to bloom to its highest potential with this dreamlike greenhouse.


Rion Prestige 2 Clear 8x12 Greenhouse


Rion Prestige 2 Clear 8x12 Greenhouse
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This greenhouse is everything that you have been looking for!
The Prestige Clear 2 comes with the incredible features you will need, extras like two-tier seats, and drip irrigation and trellis kit. The 8x12 greenhouse kit has clear polycarbonate side walls and light-diffusing, UV-protected 4mm twin-wall roof panels for even plant growth. Its waterproof structure is also easier to put together with the pin and lock mechanism, as the roof panels effortlessly glide into position.

It also features a thick resin frame that adds insulation and durability. Two hanging and anchoring kits, two side louver windows, two automatic louver openers, two roof vents, and two automatic roof vent openers are all included in Rion's Prestige 2 Greenhouse Kit.

Lastly, the barn-style roof will give you plenty of headroom, allowing you to cultivate more. A base kit is included for added height and stability.


Solexx Garden Master Greenhouse 8'W x 12'L x 8'9"H


Solexx Garden Master Greenhouse 8'W x 12'L x 8'9"H
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A farmer's muse and a hobbyist's fantasy!

With four bench frames that can each handle 500lbs of scattered weight and two hanging rods, be surprised at the extra space you have to cultivate your favorite flowers, herbs, and veggies. This big European-style greenhouse kit's towering exterior walls and roof provide plenty of room for trellis plants like cucumber, melon, and tomatoes.

The Garden Master Greenhouse Kit comes with a rust, corrosion, and mildew-resistant composite frame. You may also upgrade the twin-wall 3.5mm Solexx greenhouse panels to 5mm for high altitude or heavy snow settings.
Moreover, a redesigned and more durable locking door, easy-to-assemble steel fittings, a large and easy-flow air vent with an optional solar-powered opener, and a ten-year limited UV warranty are also included.


Palram Balance 8x12 Greenhouse


Palram Balance 8' x 12' Greenhouse
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The Palram-Canopia Balance series gives hobby gardeners the best of both worlds: excellent light control with two different polycarbonate panels and a full 8ft wide frame ideal for your backyard and growing needs.
This greenhouse kit's 4mm twin-wall roof panels prevent 99.9% of damaging UV radiation and produce an even lighting system in your greenhouse. Side panels made of crystal clear polycarbonate are robust and allow over 90% light transmission.

Corrosion-resistant and long-lasting, this 8x12 greenhouse kit allows you to concentrate on growing rather than maintenance. Integrated rain gutters transport water for long-term irrigation, while roof vents help regulate ventilation and temperature for optimal growth conditions.

Palram-Canopia also offers a comprehensive line of accessories to make your Balance greenhouse the right match for your growing needs and interests and the five-year limited warranty.


Exaco Janssens Junior Victorian V24 Greenhouse

Exaco Janssens Junior Victorian Greenhouse
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New and improved.

The classic greenhouse designs by Exaco Janssens give a high-quality indoor atmosphere that adds flair to your garden. The V24 Greenhouse is slightly bigger than the V23 and delivers an excellent year-round planting climate, blending vintage style with modern European engineering and artistry.

Glass panels are secured with thick rubber seals, which improves insulation. It also includes huge gutters with downspouts, shoulders with more oversized gutters that are 5' high, and one sliding door that you may fit on gable ends.

The stylish black aluminum framework and 8'2" peak height provide a magnificent greenhouse with a convenient interior working station. Whether you are overwintering rare or expensive plants, growing seedlings, or developing a tropical bush, you can savor years of maintenance-free operation.

The V24 Junior Victorian Greenhouse Kits are 7'9" wide and 12'6" deep, with two automated roof windows and optional shade cloth.



Once you begin planting seeds or growing small plants inside a greenhouse, you must consider that they will grow and will need more room than in the early stages. Give your plants heaps of freedom to thrive inside your greenhouse without feeling like you are lost in the rainforest.
If you have the time and are able to spend a bit more on your garden improvement project, this size is highly recommended. 8x12 greenhouse kits allow you to start small and grow over time.