Janssens Custom Greenhouses

Still would like to to make modifications to the Janssens line greenhouse? Planet Greenhouse offers the option to build your own with the freedom of custom colours and accessories you wish to have. 

Just let us know the colours and specs that will be perfect for your family's yard.  Be sure to contact our expert customer service team today for a free consultation for any of the Janssens' line greenhouses.  We look forward to hearing from you

Please note: Current lead times are end of May for all custom Janssens greenhouses and will likely fluctate

Email: Sales@planetgreenhouse.com

Phone: 307-352-9585


Custom Greenhouse


There are several benefits of custom greenhouses, including:

  1. Increased crop yield: Custom greenhouses allow for controlled growing conditions, such as temperature and humidity, which can lead to increased crop yields.

  2. Extended growing season: Custom greenhouses allow for year-round growing, extending the growing season for certain crops.

  3. Protection from pests and diseases: Custom greenhouses provide a physical barrier that can help protect crops from pests and diseases.

  4. Water conservation: Greenhouses allow for more efficient use of water by capturing rainwater and recycling irrigation water.

  5. Space-saving: Custom greenhouses can be designed to fit in small spaces, making them a great option for urban gardening or for people with limited outdoor space.

  6. Energy savings: With the right design, custom greenhouses can make use of natural light and passive solar heating to reduce energy costs.

  7. Ability to grow rare and exotic plants: Custom greenhouses can provide the specific growing conditions that certain plants require, making it possible to grow a wider variety of plants that wouldn't otherwise be able to grow in your local area.

  8. Educational opportunities: Custom greenhouse can be used as an educational tool for students and the general public.

  9. Increased crop value: Certain crops can be sold at a higher value if grown in a greenhouse, as it is perceived as more sustainable and eco-friendly.

  10. Flexibility: A custom greenhouse can be designed to meet specific needs and goals, such as growing plants for commercial purposes or for personal use.