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Aerobin 200 Compost Bin

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The Aerobin 200 features the same advanced composting design and technology as the 400, only smaller. This model is ideal for applications where a smaller capacity and physical size are needed. No turning required - this insulated unit utilizes the patented lung® system to process compostable materials, and includes a 2 gallon reservoir to harvest liquid leachate nutrient dense compost "tea". Capacity for this model is 208 liters/55 gallons. Simply put materials in the top and remove compost later via bottom side doors.

Pro Tip: Additional Strength Reinforcement Aerobin 200

If you have the Aerobin 200 (smaller version of the 400) you can easily add some additional strength reinforcement to the sidewalls of the unit by adding a self-tapping screw to the corner braces. This step is not required by the factory, but will help with the overall stability of the unit. 

You may also view the Aerobin 200 Assembly Video completely before starting assembly, so that you'll have an idea what all the parts are for and what to expect. It's Easy!


  • Color: Green and Grey
  • Capacity: 208 liters, 55 gallons.
  • Insulated side walls and lid for year round operation - both to retain heat generated by the aerobic composting process and stop cold ambient air reaching the biomass.
  • It has a base and a Leachate Tank for collection of liquid nutrients dispelled from the biomass (green waste). NOTE: updated hose and tap system for 2021, see images and video in 400 section above.
  • No turning or agitating of the biomass is necessary - simply drop and forget!
  • BPA Free - constructed from virgin PP(Polypropylene) & HDPE (High-density polyethylene) - it’s a 80/20 blend
  • Aerobin requires no accessories or tools.
  • It's vermin resistant.
  • Aerobin composts kitchen & garden waste quickly.
  • Moisture recirculation system.
  • Aerobin lowers GHG emissions.
  • Designed in Australia
  • Manufactured in India


  • Size of Article (L x W x H): 20" x 20" x46"
  • Net Weight: 30 lbs.Single Packaging - boxes: 1
  • Kind of Packaging: Brown cardboard
  • Kind of Palette: 40" x 48"
  • Size of Master Carton box 1: 21" x 19" x 21"
  • Weight box 1: 33.6 lbs