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  • Janssens Cathedral Victorian Greenhouse
  • Cathedral Victorian Greenhouse
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Exaco Janssens Cathedral Victorian Greenhouse with Large Cupola 15 x 20 Ft

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    Exaco Janssens Cathedral Victorian Greenhouse with Large Cupola 15 x 20 Ft

      The Janssens Cathedral Victorian Greenhouse is a versatile, spacious, feature-packed addition to any large garden or backyard. The 20 by 15-foot floor size, tall sides, and extended roof cupola section allow space for all your plant growing needs, or use it as a hot tub cover or outdoor sunroom.

      The attractive looks of the Cathedral Greenhouse are matched by the superior strength of pre-welded aluminum framing and 4mm tempered glass construction. This choice of glass provides a high degree of safety and exceptional insulative value.

      The Cathedral Victorian Greenhouse includes four roof vents with automatic openers and a louver window to help keep the interior at a comfortable temperature. Two hanging windows on the sides can also swing up for added ventilation. A set of lockable swinging doors and a single lockable sliding door make entry simple.

      Additional features include four roof vents with automatic openers and a louver window which can be used together for enhanced temperature control. For added ventilation, two large hanging side windows open by swinging upward. Access is easy through a wide set of lockable swinging doors and a single lockable sliding door.

      This is a premium, large-size structure that can be used for multiple purposes and will add value to your home. In addition, the perfect aesthetic of this structure is sure to capture the attention of anyone who has the pleasure of viewing it.

      Cathedral Victorian Greenhouse with Large Cupola includes one double set of hinged doors with closers, 1 sliding door, 2 top hanging side windows, 1 louver window, and 4 roof windows with spindle openers and 4mm tempered glass. 

      Special feature:

      • 2 heavy-duty aluminum reinforcement supports (from front to back) - 2.3" W x 5.2" D.
      • Also includes 10'2" L x 5'4" W cupola with pre-welded frame (horizontal part).
      • Greenhouse is 15' W x 19'11" L x 12'2" H, side walls are 6'8" H


      Benefits of a Cathedral Victorian Greenhouse

      • Versatile & Spacious
      • Sustainable Harvests
      • Built to Last a Lifetime
      • Adds Value to Your Home
      • Beautifully Engineered
      • Aesthetic Perfection
      • Eco Friendly
      • Superior Durability
      • Humidity & Temperature Control
      • Works Great as Hot Tub or Sunroom
      • Organic Food 
      • Customizable Dimensions, Colors & Accessories
      • Weather Protection
      • Pest Prevention
      • The Whole Family Loves Them


      • 298 Square Feet Floor Space - Spacious Size
      • 1 Double set of hinged doors with closers
      • 1 Sliding Door
      • 2 Top Hanging Side Windows
      • 1 Louvre Window
      • 4 Roof Windows with Spindle Openers
      • 4mm Tempered Glass
      • 2 Heavy Duty Aluminum Reinforcement Supports - Front to Back
      • Extended Roof Cupola
      • Pre-Welded Horizontal Frame Sections
      • 15-Year Warranty
      • Made in Belgium


      • Main Dimensions: 19' 10" w x 15' l x 12' 2" h
      • Second level roof nook dimensions: 5' 4" w x 10' 2" l
      • Floor space: 298 sq. ft.
      • First gutter height: 6' 8"
      • First ridge height: 9' 1"
      • Second gutter height: 10' 9"
      • Second ridge height: 12' 2"

      Can I Use My Greenhouse as an Additional Living Space?

      • These structures are designed to be a greenhouse first and foremost. As packaged, the greenhouse is not designed to be water/air tight. Greenhouse plants do benefit from a turn of air. You may need to do some extra sealing with silicone on the roof around the glass to achieve watertightness.
      • The glass is single pane, so there is a good chance for condensation on the inside that might drip. We recommend any furniture be indoor/outdoor and that fine wood furniture/electronics be avoided or sufficiently protected.
      • The roof windows do have auto openers, so there is always a chance with a summer rainstorm (with the temp above 70) that the windows could be open and it could rain in. You can switch to all manual openers if preferred.
      • On sunny days, glass greenhouses can get warm very quickly. Depending on your climate, you will likely be fighting the heat in the summer (late spring/early fall).
      • It has been done, but you will need to make customized adjustments such as extra sealing, climate control, window tinting and heating.
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      If you are planning to apply for a state permit for your greenhouse, we recommend applying prior to ordering. Thank you.

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