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Exaco Hoklartherm

Exaco Hoklartherm Livingten 11.5 x 17

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Transform Your Garden with the Exaco Hoklartherm Livingten Two-Tone Greenhouse 11' 5" x 17': A Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

  • Effortless Assembly: The Livingten greenhouse kit is designed with a well-thought-out construction, making the assembly process a breeze.
  • Unique Two-Tone Design: Stand out with the Livingten's eye-catching two-tone profiles, adding a touch of style to your garden.
  • Superior Insulation: Enjoy exceptional thermal insulation thanks to the high-quality 22mm ISO safety glass. Say goodbye to cold bridges commonly found in standard aluminum profiles.
  • Versatile Usage: Not just a greenhouse, the Livingten can also be used as a free-standing conservatory, offering even more options for your space.

Experience the convenience, beauty, and versatility of the Livingten Greenhouse Kit today!

Unlocking the Features of Livingten: Explore the Exceptional Qualities

Gewächshaus Aluminiumprofil

High-quality aluminum profiles

As a greenhouse manufacturer, we develop our own high-quality aluminum profile systems that precisely meet the highest requirements. Our range now includes around 450 of our own profile cross-sections. Ridge, gutter and floor profiles are particularly important for stability. All load-bearing profiles are continuous and thus prevent weak points (leaks).

Zweifarbiges Wohngewächshaus Livingten

Two tone construction

The two-tone profiles give Livingten a unique sense of space. The bright profiles on the inside allow the room to appear flooded with light and impress on the outside with a modern anthracite grey.

Aluminum cover strips

Instead of glass clamps, we use high-quality aluminum flashing strips to hold the glazing in place. Unlike plastic flashings, these do not rot and do not become porous - for optimal hold with the best insulating properties. The discs can also be easily replaced afterwards.

Well thought through

All Hoklartherm greenhouses have a modular system. This allows them to be easily set up using a step-by-step process. Windows and doors are already pre-assembled. To ensure that nothing goes wrong, all products undergo strict quality control before delivery.

Montage Livingten

Developed for self-assembly

40 years of experience and knowledge in greenhouse construction have gone into this greenhouse conservatory! Livingten was designed from the start for easy assembly and includes a number of innovations. With regard to self-assembly, parts are largely uniform to prevent confusion during assembly. Of course, every innovation is tested several times in our large exhibition garden.

Includes: Insulated 22mm thick double pane glass (each pane 4mm thick), 2 sets of double sliding doors, 4 large roof vents w/ heavy duty auto opener, 3 sets double roll up reflective shade curtain, 1 full length LED light bar with 2 electric outlets


Livington Features:  

  • Fully insulated greenhouse and pavilion
  • 22mm safety glass
  • Aluminum structural profiles are all thermal insulated - "cold wall barrier"
  • 1 Set Double sliding doors for gable ends 61" wide opening.
  • 4 roof windows with heavy-duty automatic openers 32" x 36" tall
  • 3 sets of double-side roll-up shade curtains -w/ aluminum weave.
  • LED light bar - Full length of greenhouse
  • Large standing wall height of 2.15 m
  • Specially developed high-strength aluminum profiles
  • Can be used as a conservatory
  • 16mm thick glazing
  • No cross braces in the glazing fields (stable basic construction)
  • Glazing with real glass also in the roof area
  • Unique, two-tone profiles
  • Livingten Greenhouse is 11’ 6” wide x 17’ long x 10’8” high (side walls are 84.5” high).


In addition to the size, the material plays a decisive role in the greenhouse.Specially developed aluminum profiles ensure a high load capacity - the crux of the matter in many greenhouses when it comes to safety and durability.On request, we will be happy to adapt our products to your wishes.For example, you can opt for ISO safety glass: This real glass not only meets the highest aesthetic standards, it is also particularly stable and sustainable.

  • Easy self-assembly: The Livingten greenhouse kit is designed for convenient and hassle-free assembly.
  • Unique two-tone, thermally separated profiles: The greenhouse features distinct profiles with a two-tone design and thermal separation, enhancing its visual appeal and insulation properties.
  • Excellent thermal insulation: With high-quality ISO safety glass measuring 22mm in thickness, the Livingten greenhouse achieves impressive thermal insulation values. This helps maintain optimal temperatures inside while preventing cold bridges often associated with standard aluminum profiles.
  • Versatile usage: In addition to functioning as a greenhouse, the Livingten can also be utilized as a freestanding conservatory, providing flexibility and versatility in its applications.


  • Model: Livingten
  • RoofLoad: up to 150 kg/m²
  • Broad: approx. 3.50 m
  • Length: 11’ 6” wide 
  • Ride height: 17’ long
  • Standing wall height: 10’8” high (side walls are 84.5” high)
  • Glazing grid: 0.80 m
  • Color: Outside: anthracite gray - matt Inside: silver anodized.