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INKBIRD ITC-608T Thermostat

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Advanced Climate Control: The INKBIRD ITC-608T seamlessly integrates temperature and humidity control into one unit, streamlining simultaneous management for optimal efficiency.

Adaptable Functionality: Featuring dual relay output, the ITC-608T is capable of controlling various equipment, including refrigeration, heating, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, or combinations thereof, offering adaptable solutions.

Precision Time-Temperature Slots: With the capacity to set 12 individual temperatures across 12 time slots, the ITC-608T enhances precision for monitoring creatures or plants, ensuring optimal conditions.

Smart Alerts for Environment Safety: Equipped with temperature and humidity alarms for both high and low thresholds, alongside the ability to detect faulty sensor performance, the ITC-608T guarantees a secure environment for aquarium creatures, contributing to extended device lifespan.

Customizable Heating and Cooling Settings: The device allows separate settings for refrigeration and heating, providing a safeguard against abrupt changes and ensuring a stable temperature control system.

Accurate Climate Calibration: The ITC-608T supports calibrations for both temperature and humidity, facilitating more precise settings, monitoring, and control, thereby enhancing the safety and well-being of monitored creatures.