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Planet Greenhouse

KOTA Grillhouse 250sq

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KOTA Grillhouse is a unique looking, stylish and functional space for gatherings with friends in a cozy environment that is outside of your actual home. The perfect retreat to enjoy a cigar or pipe among friends even in cold weather, and of course the built in grill is fun any time of year.

The Ultimate Adult Backyard Clubhouse, Including Functional Grill and More

Large enough for 10 adults, this unique structure comes complete with a coal burning grill. It is made from high quality Scandanavian pine, and the kit comes with a variety of decorative elements such as LED lighting, fold down side tables, 4 full size reindeer skins, planters, 5 wooden plates, knives, forks & mugs, kettle, hot pads & glove, bottle opener, clock, guest book, and wood "phone"and a smoke detector / fire extinguisher.

 This is the perfect place for a party, having fun in your backyard, or camping out like hunter fisherman in northern Scandinavia.  Fits 25 adults. The KOTA is made from the highest quality Scandinavian Pine (10x denser/harder than American pine). It has 1.5" thick tongue & groove walls, double-pane glass windows, a dutch door, and 15-year professional shingles. Octagon (8 sided), 4 sections with opening windows.          Size: 250 sq. feet; Dimensions: wall diameter: 19' 4", roof diameter: 20' 4", Height: 15' 3" without the chimney. Side walls are 48" high. This unit is totally empty inside. Great as a camping cabin.   SHIPS IN 2 LARGE CRATES - FORKLIFT NEEDED TO UNLOAD.