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Exaco Janssens Large Royal Victorian VI 46 Greenhouse 13 x 20 ft

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Exaco Janssens Large Royal Victorian VI 46 Greenhouse

The VI 46 is the perfect investment for any gardener who wants to take their crops to the next level & increase the value of their home.  With its 250 sf. area, this greenhouse can also work perfectly as a sunroom or hot tub area. 

The Janssens lines are designed with world-class engineering guaranteed to last with its 15-year warranty. 

This classic Victorian Greenhouse kit provides the optimum environment for gardening year round while adding a stately presence to any backyard setting.

The dark green aluminum framework, tempered glass panels and full 6' 7" wall height combine to give you a comfortable interior workspace and a full view of your surroundings. The overall height is 9'2" feet.

Whether you are overwintering special or valuable plants from the cold, starting seedlings or creating a tropical jungle, you can enjoy years of maintenance-free use. The automatic roof openers, louvered window and misting system are included to allow you to control the environment within your greenhouse to your specific needs. An optional shade net is also available as an added accessory if you need more shade in your greenhouse.

Wind Load: 115 MPH (3-second gusts)

Snow Load: 25 PSF (ground-snow load)

Roof Live Load: 20 PSF

15-Year Warranty

Advantages of Polycarbonate

  • Almost impossible to break, polycarbonate will flex and resist against things like objects hitting the panels or heavy wind and snow loads
  • Blocks harmful UV rays and creates a diffused light environment that promotes consistent light conditions throughout the interior of the structure
  • Has been shown to retain heat more efficiently than glass, an advantage in cold weather growing environments
  • Low maintenance, will demand less cleaning than glass while still looking great.

    Do It Yourself Assembly

    Assembling any model of victorian greenhouse is a very manageable process. Plus we're here to help by answering any questions you may have during the assembly process. View the video below for an accurate visualization of the assembly process


          Glass or Polycarbonate Construction - Choose Which Best For You

          The Victorian Greenhouse line is available with either 4mm Tempered Glass or 10mm Triple Layer "X-Strong" Polycarbonate walls. Each choice has a unique set of advantages allowing you to pick the opotion which will work best for your needs.

          Advantages of Tempered Glass

          • Full transparency is a better "look" for some applications, especially if using the structure for non plant-growing purposes
          • Maximum amount of natural light when using structure for growing plants
          • No fading or discoloration over lifespan
          • Flame resistant
          • Glass is a chemical free, environmentally friendly material

          Benefits of a Royal Victorian VI 46

          • Versatile & Spacious
          • Sustainable Harvests
          • Built To Last A Lifetime
          • Adds Value to Your Home
          • Beautifully Engineered
          • Humidity & Temperature Control
          • Works Great as Hot Tub or Sunroom
          • Organic Food
          • Eco Friendly
          • Customizable Dimensions, Colors & Accessories
          • Whether Protection
          • Pest Prevention


          • Step by step assembly instructions and DVD
          • Warranty: 15 years limited
          • Overall Dimensions: 12'7" x 19'11" x 9'2" high
          • 1 Misting system included. Hose attachment provided.
          • 6 roof windows included: with 2 hanging spindle crank and 4 automatic opening devices. Use whichever you wish.
          • 1 Louvre window for additional air flow
          • 2 full length gutters and downspouts (one each side)
          • Framework base can anchor to bare level ground (anchor stakes provided), a wood platform, or a concrete slab.
          • Optional Accessories Include:
          • Shade cloth to open/close with the pull of a cord
          • Narrow top shelf (4”wide) and bottom/seed tray shelf( 4” deep x 20” wide) which run the full 20’ length of greenhouse - both shelf units match color of framework

          The VI46 Has All The Space You Need:

          Aluminum framework is large in scale, thick gauge and strong

          Large 250 Sq. Ft.

          Extra roof support cross bar

          4mm tempered glass for safety and good insulation value. Glass is secured in place with heavy rubber sealing

          6'7" full height side panels provide excellent headroom along the interior sides, with an 9'2" overall height at peak.

          Decorative roof ridge adds a touch of English sophistication

          Also available with strong polycarbonate panels (special order)


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          If you are planning to apply for a state permit for your greenhouse, we recommend applying prior to ordering. Thank you.

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