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Palram - Canopia

Palram Yukon Shed S- 11' x 21' Gray

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The Yukon shed is perfect for storing, organizing, and protecting your outdoor gear. Made with virtually indestructible polycarbonate and a reinforced aluminum frame, the Yukon shed will provide years of maintenance-free protection. The shed features wide double doors, and a low threshold ramp allowing you to easily store lawn tractors, lawn mowers, garden equipment and more.

The commercial grade polycarbonate roof and side panels will hold up to weather’s harshest elements, they are highly impact resistant, won’t fade, sag or warp and are resistant to mold, mildew, and termites. The unique skylight polycarbonate roof panels appear opaque yet allow light to pass through providing a cool natural illumination to the interior.

Designed with your outdoor needs in mind, the Yukon shed is guaranteed to provide years of maintenance free protection.  A solid foundation is highly recommended for proper anchoring and stability.. 


  • 10MM thick twin-wall polycarbonate side panels
  • Wide double doors and low threshold ramp, ideal for lawn tractors, mowers, personal watercraft and garden equipment
  • Extreme weather resistance: construction grade, 100% UV protected fortified polycarbonate panels, high impact resistant
  • Roof panels allow 10% natural light to pass through to coolly illuminate the interior
  • Includes two screened vents for front and rear ventilation
  • Reinforced aluminum frame
  • Heavy duty galvanized steel base
  • Concrete foundation highly recommended, or ¬ĺ‚ÄĚ plywood on solid platform.¬† Always anchor securely and follow all local building codes


Model: HG9921SGY
Limited Warranty: 15 years
Size (ft, rounded): 11x17
Sq Feet (rounded): 
Dimensions (ft, rounded):
Length (in): 253
Width (in): 
Height (in, peak):
Dimensions (in): 253" L x 131" W x 99" H
Sidewall Height (in): 71
Head Room (feet): 99
Door Width (in): 58
Door Height (in): 70
Peak: 99
Total Product Weight: 390
Snow Load (Lbs/Sq Ft): 15.4
Windload (MPH): 75
Light Transmission (%): 2
Roof Material: Polycarbonate
Roof Color: Charcoal Gray Translucent
Sides Material: 10mm Twin Wall
Sides Color: Gray
Frame Material: Aluminum
Frame Color: Silver
Ship Method: LTL
Total Box Qty (Calculated): 6
Box 1 Qty: 1
Box 1 Part No: HG9909SGY-1
Box 1 UPC: 763552424839
Box 1 Name/Desc: Yukon Shed S 11 x 9 Gray BX 3
Box 1 Length: 107.1
Box 1 Width: 23.6
Box 1 Height: 4.3
Box 1 Weight: 128
Box 2 Qty: 1
Box 2 Part No: HG9909sGY-2
Box 2 UPC: 763552424846
Box 2 Name/Desc: Yukon Shed S 11 x 9 Gray BX 4
Box 2 Length: 70.5
Box 2 Width: 26.6
Box 2 Height: 13
Box 2 Weight: 121
Box 3 Qty: 3
Box 3 Part No: HG9904SGY
Box 3 UPC: 763552424341
Box 3 Name/Desc: Yukon Shed S 11 x 4 Ext 
Box 3 Length: 70.5
Box 3 Width: 26.4
Box 3 Height: 6.3
Box 3 Weight: 61
Box 4 Qty: 2
Box 4 Part No: HG9921REIN
Box 4 UPC: 763552426154
Box 4 Name/Desc: Yukon Shed S 21 Rein Kit
Box 4 Length: 72.1
Box 4 Width: 16.5
Box 4 Height: 4.3
Box 4 Weight: 39.7
Box - Bundle Length: 107
Box - Bundle Width: 27
Box - Bundle Height: 41
Box - Bundle Weight: 472
Pallet Length: 112
Pallet Width: 32
Pallet Height: 47
Pallet Weight: 531
Density: 5.62
Class: 150
Sub: 4
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