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Exaco Hoklartherm Rondo Garden Pavilion

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Rondo Pavilion Features

  • Exquisite Pavilion made out of two walls - each cover 180º
  • Walls move around on two tracks - each will rotate 360º
  • Position opening in any direction you like
  • Includes a sliding door in outer half
  • Comes with shade cloth in the inner half
  • Great hot-tub cover
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Roof constructed of 3mm high impact resistant Plexiglass
  • Walls constructed of ESG 5mm tempered safety glass
  • Aluminum frame
  • Includes thermodynamic wind driven fan
  • Available in Anthracite (grey), forest green , or white
  • Rated for 80mph winds
  • 28 lbs/sq.ft snow capacity
  • Wind rating and snow capacity can be increased with optional reinforcement package


Extravagant: The curved roof bars of the Rondo VP pavilion give your garden an unusual touch. The "Rondo" garden pavilion with the pagoda roof sets a very special style. With the curved roof rungs, the pavilion fits perfectly into romantic gardens. Pavilion Rondo impresses with its unique functionality. The half-shells, including the roof, serve as a windbreak thanks to their stepless twisting, with or against each other; exactly where you need it. When the weather is nice you can sit outside all day, when it rains you can close the pavilion completely or just open the sliding door. If there are gusts of wind, simply align the half-shells of the pavilion against the wind as a windbreak.

  • Enjoy with the sun against the wind
  • Curved roof rungs
  • Thermodynamic wind turbine fan
  • Infinitely adjustable half shells
  • Completely rotatable by 360°
  • Specially developed aluminum profiles


Well ventilated

The thermodynamic wind turbine fan ensures a pleasant room temperature in a closed room.

High quality glazing

The garden pavilion is glazed in the roof area with highly impact-resistant, UV-resistant Plexiglas, with safety glass on the sides. Ornamental glazing is also possible on request.

Matching accessories

For an atmospheric ambience, we have floor sockets and floor recessed spotlights in our range. The Rondo garden pavilion is also an eye-catcher in the dark. Shading for the roof area and side shading are of course also possible.

Easy Assembly

The Pavilion Rondo is easy to assemble; please click here for installation guide

Highly customizable

The aluminum construction can be coated in any RAL color on request so that the Rondo Pavilion adapts to its surroundings.


Our Rondo Pavilion offers you a living space with a “panoramic view”. The side pieces, which can be step lessly adjusted with or against each other, and provide protection against wind and weather — exactly where you need it.
The standard models have two parts, can be revolved with- or against each other, and include a lockable sliding door in the outer segment.

The linchpin is the thermodynamic wind - driven fan (inc. Sealing washer) in silver


  • Single-pane safety glass (ESG)
  • Glazing in the roof is made of highly impact-resistant Plexiglass®
  • Transparent, or white UV-resistant.

The aluminum construction is available in the following standard colors:

  • Pine green
  • White aluminum 
  • Anthracite grey

Rondo Pavilions are made in Germany – in company with more than 30 years of experience – Hoklartherm.
Construction works for foundation are required, as shown below.



  • Thermodynamic wind-driven fan
  • One sliding door (in outer half)
  • Shade curtains in inner half ring


In addition to being used as a garden pavilion, the Rondo pavilion is also interesting for the catering sector (e.g. as a smoking pavilion, as a lounge or as an annex to a restaurant). The pavilion is also very popular as a concert shell in the cultural garden due to the great acoustics and the great ambience. The pavilion fits perfectly into the glamping trend as a sleeping cube, for example. The aluminum construction can be coated in any RAL color. Tried and tested in wind and weather, whether in the mountains or directly by the sea, the Rondo pavilion keeps its promises.

Hoklartherm RONDO Garden Pavilions are a practical and beautiful way to increase the usability of your property. It can be used for all types of entertainment and also makes a great hot to cover. There are several different sizes to choose from.

Rondo is as Strong as it is Beautiful, and Enhances Any Backyard

These lightweight structures will stand up against 80mph winds, and stay standing even under a 28lb per square foot snow load. Two individual glass walls which cover 180 degrees of the pavilion slide on a circular track that allows you to position an opening wherever you like. You can also position the walls so that the pavilion is completely enclosed, then use the sliding door in one of the wall sections to enter and exit.

The included thermodynamic fan helps provide ventilation for each RONDO pavilion.

Spotlight: Rondo Solar as Astronomy Observatory

Wow, look at this amazing Rondo Solar installation! Paul A. is using his Rondo as a permanent space for his astronomy equipment. He added Avery Dennison R Silver X Poly solar reflective film to the outer panels, which gives a mirrored finish on the outside, but allows high visibility from inside. A great looking, fun, practical application.

rondo solar closed view

Solar film gives Paul's Rondo a very unique and high tech look.

rondo solar paul A astronomy gear

He is using a dedicated fan (yellow) to keep circulation flowing to the top ventilator.

rondo open view

A view of the Rondo Solar completely open. Lots of room, easy to operate.