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Royal Orangerie Accessory Kit

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Two Shelves & Shade Curtains

Royal Orangerie Accessory Kit: 1 narrow top shelf (10' L x 4" W), 1 seed-tray shelf (10' L x 20" W x 4" W), 5-piece shade curtain, and misting system.

Top Shelf

Product Description:

Expand the usable surface in your greenhouse with a full length top shelf. Three sizes, dark green or black finish.


  • VI 23 top shelf - 10' L x 4" W
  • Dark Green or Black color

Seed Tray

Product Description:

Durable seed tray makes working with plant materials easy and helps keep your greenhouse neat and clean. Green or black finish. Available in three different lengths to match your greenhouse model.


  • VI 23 seed-tray shelf - 10' L x 20" W x 4" D
  • Dark Green or Black color
  • Bottom is made of corrugated plastic interlocking inserts

Shade Curtains

Product Description:

Full length shade curtains sized specifically for your model Victorian Greenhouse, with built-in loops for hanging with included hardware.


  • Cream color

Misting System

Product Description:

Misting system is 14' long. This will work in a 20' greenhouse, but can be cut shorter for smaller greenhouses. Has 5 misters. When shipped UPS/Fed Ex, it comes in 2 pieces w/ connector.


  • 14' length
  • Can be cut to size if necessary for smaller greenhouses
  • 5 misting nozzles
  • Universal system will work in all greenhouses