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Planet Greenhouse

Royal Orangerie Shade Cloth

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Are you looking for the best way to protect your plants from extreme sun, heat and cold? Look no further than Janssens Royal Orangerie Shade Curtains! Our 100% waterproof curtains are designed to fit any of our Janssens greenhouses, giving you the perfect enclosure for your crops. Our shade curtains will help keep your plants stress-free and thriving in even the most intense weather conditions.

Our multi-layered shades are crafted from strong yet lightweight textile material and offer excellent insulation against the sun's rays. You can enjoy up to 95% protection from direct sunlight; reducing heat stress on plants while also decreasing your need for irrigation and providing just the right amount of light needed to get amazing results.

Aesthetically speaking, our shaded curtains add instant luxury with classic options that create a modern look in any greenhouse structure. The inviting colors vary between blue, yellow, grey, white and orange – whatever reflects your green thumb best!

Trust Janssens Royal Orangerie Shade Curtains for a helpful solution to shield your crops from extreme temperatures throughout the year. With extra protection and style in one easy addition, you’ll be able to rest assured that your flowers and plants are thriving like never before!



5 sections with various dimensions (see manual for reference)