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Urban Compost Accelerator

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URBAN Compost Accelarator is a liquid concentrate of broad spectrum beneficial bacteria which work together to convert organic material into humus. This accelarator significantly speeds up the composting breakdown process. It works well in low oxygen and anaerobic environments.

Works with any of our composting systems.


  • Significantly speeds up the composting breakdown process
  • Made for URBAN composters but will work with any of our compost systems
  • Available as Spray Bottle or Refill Bottle
  • Made in Australia


  • Active Organisms:   1%
  • Inactive ingredients:   96% water, 3% molasses.
  • Certified Organic Liquid
  • Spray Bottle Capacity:   17 fl.oz.
  • Refill Bottle Capacity:   34 fl.oz. (1 liter)