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Exaco Janssens Gigant Large Greenhouse

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Exaco Janssens Gigant Custom Greenhouse

A customizable greenhouse available in sizes ranging from 13ft x 13ft to 20ft x 60ft.

Elevate Your Gardening Passion to New Heights

The Exaco Janssens Gigant Custom Greenhouse is a true masterpiece, designed to take your horticultural ambitions to monumental new levels. This is far more than just a greenhouse - it's a realm of unlimited potential for your gardening dreams to flourish.

Customize Your Gardening Oasis
With the flexibility to tailor the dimensions up to 20' wide and 60' long, with wall heights ranging from 6'8" up to a soaring 9'7", you can create the ideal sanctum for your plants to thrive. Imagine an indoor Eden where every seedling, shrub and vine receives the perfect environment to grow strong and healthy.

Masterfully Crafted for Peak Performance
Expertly engineered in Belgium, the Gigant features a durable black aluminum frame complemented by elegant double sliding doors. Superior ventilation is provided by six roof windows and four louvre windows, ensuring ideal airflow and climate control.

This is no ordinary greenhouse - it's a sophisticated marvel, melding exceptional functionality with aesthetic artistry. The Gigant transcends mere structure to become a statement piece, showcasing your profound passion and commitment to gardening excellence.

Bring Your Dreamscape to Life
Don't let your green thumb's grandest visions remain confined to imagination. With the Exaco Janssens Gigant Custom Greenhouse, you can cultivate a lush, breathtaking oasis and nurture bountiful harvests beyond what you ever thought possible.

Embrace the future of gardening luxury. Elevate your horticulture habits, and let the Gigant be the magnificent centerpiece of your botanical ambitions. Contact us today for more details on this extraordinary addition to your home and garden.

By investing in the GIGANT Extra High Side Walls Greenhouse, you are investing in the future of your gardening success. Whether you're an experienced gardener looking to expand your crop production or a passionate enthusiast eager to grow a variety of plants, this greenhouse offers the space, durability, and optimal growing conditions you need. Create a haven for your plants and unlock the potential for bountiful harvests with this remarkable greenhouse.


Dims: 17'5" w x 27'1" L 

Side walls: 8'3" hight 

Peak height: 12' 

Frame: Black 

Doors: Double Sliding 

Windows: 6 roof vents, 4 louvre windows. Windows can be added for an additonal cost. 

Origin: Belgium

The versatility of this greenhouse is unmatched, as it allows for customization to suit your specific needs. Should you desire additional doors or windows, they can be effortlessly added at an extra cost, enabling you to further personalize your greenhouse setup.

Our Gigant greenhouse is crafted with a sturdy black frame, this greenhouse not only ensures durability but also adds a touch of elegance to your garden. The double sliding doors offer easy access, making it convenient to move plants, equipment, and yourself in and out of the greenhouse.

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If you are planning to apply for a state permit for your greenhouse, we recommend applying prior to ordering. Thank you.

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