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Exaco Greenhouses: Which One Is The Best For You?

With the advantage of a greenhouse climate and temperature control, you can now cultivate any plants you have always wanted to grow. You are no longer restricted to only growing specific plants throughout each season. You may also enhance your garden greenhouse arsenal to include some more unique seeds, fruits, vegetables, or flowers that are not native to your locality.

Greenhouse plants thrive in the regulated atmosphere provided by the greenhouse, allowing them to grow strong and healthy. Weather and temperature fluctuations may throw off the sensitive nature of your developing plants and endanger their survival.

So, if you live in an area with unpredictable weather or a less-than-ideal environment for the plants you wish to cultivate, a greenhouse may be the perfect answer. Your plants will have a better chance of growing in a more supportive home.

Forget about strong winds, heavy rains, or extreme bright sunshine; your greenhouse ensures everything is consistent and makes it easier to nurture whatever you want.

The Top-Rated Exaco Greenhouses

Exaco Trading Co. specializes in producing high-quality European greenhouses that are one-of-a-kind. They provide dependable and trustworthy service based on their 20 years of professional experience.

Their greenhouses come in various styles and sizes from the best German and Belgian designers. They have spent decades polishing their designs, so each greenhouse is built with high-quality materials. Exaco has a perfect greenhouse for you, from year-round cold frames to exquisite glass Victorian greenhouses.

To help you decide which greenhouse suits your needs best, we have created a list of buyer-recommended products.


Exaco Janssens Royal Victorian VI Greenhouse

Exaco Janssens Royal Victorian VI Greenhouse VI 36



The Victorian Greenhouse is one of the leading greenhouses in Janssens's Helios series.

This greenhouse boasts a taller design that gives you more headspace, 4mm single pane glass, heavy rubber seals, and thicker and stronger aluminum profiles for optimum strength. It uses a 4mm Tempered Glass with a 10mm triple layer of X-Strong polycarbonate walls for better insulation in colder climates.

The structure uses only single sheets of glass instead of the more common overlapping smaller sections. All glass panes are secured with heavy-duty rubber seals.

Each component has a TUV and GS-approved sliding door that you may install on either side of the greenhouse. The roof windows come with an old-fashioned spindle and a modern Automatic Window Opener. It also includes gutters with downspouts, a 6-inch high foundation frame, and a misting system.


Exaco Janssens Junior Victorian Greenhouse

Exaco Janssens Junior Victorian Greenhouse



A Junior Victorian may be perfect for your next home improvement project if you want the world-renowned Exaco quality in a small garden space. This is new and significantly improved, having a square-framed hollow tube similar to those found in Royal Victorian Greenhouses.

It uses 4mm tempered glass, unlike other brands that use only 3mm glass. The aluminum profiles are also thicker and more robust than most competitors in this price range. Glass panels are held in place with substantial rubber seals, providing a better look and insulation as others use only metal clips.

This model is TUV and GS-approved. The greenhouse has a 4-inch high foundation frame, and shoulders with oversized gutters are 5 feet high. It offers one sliding door that you can install on gable ends and large gutters with downspouts.

Exaco Janssens EOS Royal Antique Victorian Greenhouse




The EOS Royal Antique Victorian greenhouse has a T-shaped design and an entry peak slightly lower than the main room. The roof has a dramatic 38º angle and flaunts a narrow 4mm tempered glass panel and 6-inch sidewalls.

The antique model includes four roof windows with four automatic openers, two louvre vents, and a double-hinged full-length door made with a sheet of glass.

It is available in two different foundation configurations. For the EOS regular type, it peaks with 6-inch shoulders at 169 sqft. This is designed to be built directly on the ground or a concrete pad.

On the other hand, the EOS wall type is specially designed to sit on a 15.75-inch wall. It has slightly shorter sidewalls, and the door drops below the frame to accommodate the wall.


Exaco Cathedral Victorian Greenhouse with Large Cupola



The Janssens Cathedral Victorian Greenhouse is an efficient, spacious, and feature-rich addition to any garden or backyard. The 20 by 15-foot floor area, towering sides, and extended roof cupola part give adequate room for all of your plant growing demands. It can even be used as a hot tub cover or an outdoor sunroom.

The Cathedral Greenhouse's inviting style is matched by the enhanced durability of the pre-welded aluminum structure and 4mm tempered glass construction. This type of glass delivers a high level of safety and exceptional insulative value.

To help keep the interior at an appropriate temperature, the Cathedral Greenhouse has four roof vents with automatic openers and a louvre window. You can also open two hanging windows on the sides for additional ventilation. Entries are made simple with a pair of lockable swinging doors and a single lockable sliding door.


Exaco Janssens Royal Victorian Orangerie

The Royal Orangerie Greenhouse provides a first-class quality greenhouse environment and adds classic old-fashioned English style and beauty to your backyard.

It has larger, thicker, and more robust aluminum profiles than any competitor in the same price range. The windows are held in place by substantial rubber seals, which provide better insulation, unlike others that only use metal clips. It uses 4mm tempered glass while others use only 3mm glass.

The attractive dark green color blends well with gardens and landscaping. It also includes three roof windows, two louvre windows, and one double sliding door. 


Last Word

A greenhouse has the benefit of operating as both a storage room and a garden space. It will help you organize equipment and accessories close to where you often use them. And without a doubt, your garden life will be more efficient when you choose a greenhouse that suits your needs, such as the allocated area, preferred materials, and cultivation style.

With this, we hope to have guided you in selecting the greenhouse that is the best one for you!